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Measurement Methods and Techniques

Measurement Methods and Techniqes

Laboratory Part 1 - room 306 A-5

Laboratory Part 2 - room 212 A-5

Daniel Dusza, PhD


 Part 1


1.    Introduction. Safaty and laboratory rules.
2.    Test of measurement circuit with transducer XTR-103.
3.    Properties tests of mean and RMS value integrated converters.
4.    Amplifier with carrier-wave generator tests
5.    Geometrical interpretation of power
6.    Properties of current inductive transducers with homogoneous magnetic circuit
7.    Virtual instrument application to measure of distorted signals.



Part 2


1.Introduction to LabView. The program implements a predetermined mathematical operation.Basis programming structures.

2.Type A virtual instrument. Instrument control with GPIB or USB interface program realization with uses given driver. Programming structures.

3. System realization with uses of autonomic instruments connected via standard interfaces. Table operations, reading and writing data from or to file.

4.  Automatic measurement system to determine characteristics of chosen electronic elements

5.  Type B Virtual Instrument. DAQ cards application in measeurement system.

6.  Application with DAQ card.

7.  Stray measurement system.




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